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Many opt for agents due to the challenges of balancing talent with the business side of major industries.   

Larger publishers will only accept proposals etc. through agents due to the level of competition they receive. 

With Scholart Agency’s inception, there’s been a shift from focus on “name brand” Islam to it’s core value- unity.

Our story began at the “Spiritual” Writer’s Conference- mostly one-track minded Christian agents and publishers.

There’s always an exception; Porscha’s enthusiasm contrasted day and night with other professionals.
Little did I know, this was the closest I would get to support from Maya Angelou herself: Porscha Burke was the phenomenal woman’s Editor.

Porscha strongly recommended I secure an agent, and we exchanged information to continue the conversation.

We parted after Porscha lifted a Guideposts magazine. She grabbed a copy, opening to the centerfold of Mysterious Ways issue. In the picture, a Muslim and Christian leader walked side by side. Just like Porscha and I had. Now, as a faith based literary agency, we are representing literature that unifies; one reader at a time.

Maryam Shakir Miller,

Founder, Scholart Agency



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