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What challenges do you face in being a Muslim Literary Agent? 

Being Muslim presents challenges to prove your profitability to some publishers. Being culturally American may present challenges from Muslims to prove traditional values and/or qualifications.

What is your ideal submission?

The ideal submission would be witty, light, yet speak to a universal human condition. It would not dismiss any experience, but would have focus and organization that stands out. It would also already have some semblance of a platform. We cherish creativity, but at the end of the day, it has to be engaging and clear.

What is your ideal client?

Our ideal client has some background on Agent-Author relationships and the trust required on both ends. They also would have forbearance as it’s a marathon not a sprint. Most of all they would be grounded in faith, putting God first not only in their works but in their interactions.

What is a query letter?

A query is a one page email of why your book, why you and why us. A great query leaves readers clear on these questions, yet anxious for more.



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